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Get Your Medical Certificate in 3 Simple Steps

Traditional doctor visits are fast becoming a thing of the past after the pandemic shut down operations on multiple fronts globally.

Let’s face it, the pandemic may have been a reason but online medical certificates were long overdue.

Think about it, who wants to wait for hours on end in the emergency room or even at the doctor’s appointment?

If you are in the hospital, you’re probably sick and the last thing you want to do is to feel sicker sitting alongside tons of people and losing track of time while waiting for your consult to begin.

A process that shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes seems to extend a lifetime.

These are the same 15 minutes you can spend in front of a computer, tab, or cell phone and fill out a form related to your symptoms while cozied up in your couch at home.

What then do you think is a better option?

If you’re reading this article however, you’re already aware of online medical certificates and their handiness.

The ease that comes with obtaining medical certificates online makes one wonder how it has taken so long for the idea to become this mainstream.

In this article we will detail the three steps that lead up to receiving your online certificate and we hope that by the end of it, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Step 1: Submit Your Request For the Online Medicate Certificate

Before you become eligible to receive an online medical certificate you need to fill out a form detailing your symptoms, past conditions and other key information.

Your partner doctor needs to know your medical history to fully understand your present condition.

Honesty is the best policy!

We recommend you do not hide anything and open up about any and all symptoms, conditions, and more to draw as clear a picture as you can for your partner doctor.

This will also help keep your medical history sorted in case you need to refer back at some point.

Once the form is submitted we send you a confirmation email and request a short waiting time for your partner doctor to assess your case.

Step 2: Form Review Before Online Medical Certificate Issuance

Before you become eligible to receive a medical certificate your form needs to be assessed by your partner doctor.

This usually does not take long as the assessment is done as quickly as possible provided that all details have been entered clearly.

Once your form has been thoroughly assessed you will receive an email containing your certificate.

Step 3: Online Medical Certificate Emailed

After reviewing your form your partner doctor will send you an email containing your medical certificate online.

We recommend thoroughly reading it for discrepancies before emailing it to your employer. Should your employer ask for authentication you can show them your reference number which they can enter into the “Employer Verify” option on the website.

Using this option validates your medical certificate and is all the digital proof you need to take a well-deserved break.

After Your Medical Certificate Issuance

After receiving your medical certificate online you’re ready to enjoy a week off from work.

We recommend staying at home and catching up with a good show, sleeping as much as possible to help your body recover, taking a nice warm bath to relax, or enjoying a familiar routine to help you recuperate better and faster.




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