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How to Get the Doctor’s Certificate in Australia in Just 15 Minutes! A Complete Guide

The success of online medical certificates in Australia is unparalleled and the reasons are not hard to guess. No one wants to wait for hours in the emergency room or at the doctor’s appointment. Saving time and money are valid concerns.

What would you choose if there’s a chance the entire process could be completed within fifteen minutes without having to move an inch from the couch? In just 15 minutes, you can use your computer, tab, or cell phone to fill out a form related to your symptoms and receive your certificate via email.

In this article we discuss what happens in the 15 minutes you spend getting your medical certificate and how to proceed with it.


Step 1: Request Your Online Medical Certificate

The first part of the 15-minute process is to log into our website and choose the “Get Certificate” option from the landing page banner or the button on the top right corner of the navigation menu.

You’ll then be redirected to a page containing a submission form. The form consists of questions pertaining to your current symptoms, past conditions, and other key information your partner doctor needs to assess before issuing the online medical certificate.

It’s best to be honest and thorough about your symptoms to keep your record straight and help your partner doctor assess your condition to the best of their ability.

Filling out the form is no more than a 5-minute process and once it is submitted, you will receive an email notifying you of the form review.


Step 2: Submit Form For Review

Once you’ve submitted your form, the screening process begins immediately. As long as the details have been entered correctly the assessment will take no more than a couple of minutes and the next part of the process will begin as quickly as possible.


Step 3: Receive Your Certificate Via Email

Provided that there are no discrepancies in the form, you will quickly receive another email confirming that the screening process is complete. The email will also contain the online medical certificate as an attachment.

We recommend reviewing the details thoroughly before forwarding the certificate to your employer.

If proof of authenticity is needed, we offer an “Employer Verify” option on the website. All your employer has to do is to log into our website, enter the reference number mentioned on your certificate in the search field, and digital proof of your certificate will show up within seconds.

What To Do After Receiving Your Certificate

After receiving your certificate, rest as much as possible to recuperate faster on your seven-day break. You can forward it to your employer immediately or wait until you go back to the workplace; your certificate stays valid either way.

Feel free to contact us to order your online medical certificate anytime and from anywhere!

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