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Get Your Medical Certificate Online Today!

Going to the doctor’s when sick can be cumbersome in more ways than one, from travel fatigue and low energy to infections, waiting time and more.

This is why the introduction of online medical certificates has been revolutionary and is fast gaining momentum.

In this article, we’ll break down what medical certificates are, their benefits, the process of getting them online, and how their verification works.

What Are Medical Certificates

Traditional paradigms are swiftly becoming background noise, especially in the post-Covid 19 eras of digital options and stay-at-home choices.

The medical, and subsequently pharmaceutical, industry is just a little behind either, with countless pharmacies offering and encouraging the reception of online medical certificates.

Here’s a quick review for those feeling a little confused: Medical certificates are documents verifying that your absence from work or school is valid for reasons such as an illness or injury that may be your own or someone close to you.

A medical certificate helps exempt you from pay deductions, assists your application to retake an exam, and, in general, saves you from unjustified consequences by those who have power over you.

Traditionally, people have had to visit their GP in person to receive a medical certificate, but that is no longer the case.

Benefits of Online Medical Certificates

If you’re hoping to obtain medical certificates online knowing the benefits they offer patients is important.

For one, it is common for the average Australian to spend hours in the emergency room, and it may take even longer to converse with a GP via face-to-face appointment.

The visit becomes an ordeal not simply due to the long waiting time but because traffic congestion can add to the travel time.

Additionally, you may be at risk of infecting others or getting infected by others. At the same time, you wait for the doctor to attend to you.

Isn’t it easier to talk to a doctor or pharmacist over the phone and have your medical certificate emailed?

Please note that medical certificates are only issued with proper consultation with a healthcare provider, so you can rest assured that the ones we provide are authentic.

How to Get a Medical Certificate Online 

At Fraz Medicall, we offer a simple 3-step journey to obtain online medical certificates. You must click one of the “Get Certificate Now” options on the bottom left of the banner or the top right of the navigation menu to begin the process.

You will then be redirected to a page where it’s imperative to fill out a short form outlining key information and health concerns which the pharmacist or doctor on duty will review.

Afterwards, you will be contacted for a short telehealth call over Zoom where a second screening process will commence.

Once the pharmacist or GP has thoroughly investigated the matter, you will be issued a medical certificate within 15 minutes via email.

You will also receive an email for every part of the process, from signing up to completing the screenings, to keep you in the loop.

The best part is that we don’t ask for any extra charges. You will be charged the same amount as the one you pay in-store without travelling, waiting, or putting yourself or others at risk.

It’s the most patient-friendly course of action that you could ask for.

Online Medical Certificate Verification 

Most patients reach out to us with a valid concern regarding employer acceptance. We often hear questions like, “But will my employer accept the certificate if a pharmacist issues it?” and “Are you sure an online medical certificate won’t be rejected?”

It is important to note that under the Fair Work Act 2009, we, as pharmacists, possess the authority to issue medical certificates to those covered by the act; however, it is important to review your company’s policy regarding pharmacist-issued online medical certificates.

We also have doctors that can issue medical certificates, so if a pharmacist-issued medical certificate is a problem, you can switch to our GP easily.  

The good news is that online medical certificates have become quite common and are widely accepted throughout workplaces and schools, increasing the chances of your medical certificate’s acceptance.

If your employer, a school counsellor, or a teacher wishes to review your medical certificate, we include a reference number to ensure its authenticity.

All that needs to be done is to open the landing page, tap the “Employer Verify” option in the navigation menu, and enter the reference number.

Once the Validate Certificate option is clicked under the reference number search field, the inquirer will be redirected to another page verifying the certificate and validating your absence.

Going digital makes it easier for us to provide you with the ease you deserve.

We offer 2-Day Medical Certificates, so it’s time to pop in and get yours ASAP.