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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Medical Certificate Online in Australia

Online medical certificates in Australia are enjoying immense popularity and are an easy way out on a bad day, or two, or even a week!

Thanks to the technological advancements of the post-pandemic world, services like obtaining medical certificates without leaving the comfort of your home have boomed quite a bit.

Why Get A Medical Certificate Online

The biggest benefit is the ease of access. There is no need to travel long, waste fuel, or get bored in the waiting area of your doctor’s clinic when you can get your certificate at the touch of a button while sitting on a comfy couch.

In line with that, it’s also a beneficial option for those living in remote areas who may be unable to find a doctor close by but still have to provide evidence of sickness to their employers.

Another reason why these certificates are your best bet is because they can help you save money by preventing the need to commute when your budget is a little tight.

They can also prevent you from getting infected while your immunity is already low and conversely prevent you from spreading what you have to others which is a valid risk while being physically present at a clinic.

Moreover, if you’ve been asked to prove your health status for work or travel purposes, a certificate may increase your odds of selection by proving that you are healthy and fit for certain activities.

And lastly, if privacy is a concern, say no more! Online medical certificates in Australia enjoy a secure and private status since providers use encryptions and related security measures to protect patient information and prevent theft.

Get Your Medical Certificate with These 3 Steps 

All you need is an electronic device, a good internet connection and a browser to log onto our website and you’re halfway done already!

Step 1: Complete the Form 

Our form details various questions regarding your health and medical history. Just log onto our website and click on the “Get Certificate” option either from the landing page banner or the button on the top right corner of the navigation menu.

Doing so will redirect you to a form that will ask for your symptoms, past conditions, and other essential information

Don’t forget to read the questions carefully, be transparent, and detail everything. Honesty helps us assess your case thoroughly and keeps your record straight. Once you’re done with this 5-minute process click submit.

Step 2: Wait To Be Screened 

Once your form has been submitted you will receive an email notification about a partner doctor reviewing your case. This is when the screening process has officially begun.

If the information provided is honest, thorough, and understandable the assessment will be completed within a few minutes.

Step 3: Receive Certificate via Email

After the screening process is complete you’ll receive one final email with your certificate attached to it. Please thoroughly review the details of your certificate before forwarding it to your employer. For any discrepancies you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us and request the necessary changes where required.

Digital proof of your medical certificate is also available on our website via the “Employer Verify” option. Should your employer ask for digital proof they can log onto our website, enter the reference number printed on your certificate, and digital proof will be displayed.

Get your certificate in just 15 minutes for only $17.99!



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