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A GP Visit Is Set to Become More Expensive in South Australia

Didn’t you hear the buzz? Well, get ready because something is BREWING in South Australia & it’s all about General Practitioner (GP) visits. Yes, it is right. Those regular checkups & appointments might start weighing your pocket down… A GP visit is set to pinch your pockets a bit more!!!!

For example, if you aren’t feeling good, so you decide to make an appointment with the GP for advice. But hold on tight because the cost of seeing a GP in South Australia is on the rise now.

We know what you are thinking right now – “Why is this happening?”

Well, stick around this post as we delve into the NITTY-GRITTY of why GP visits are getting pricier & what it means for you. We’ll break everything down into simple words so you can easily understand them. Here you go!

South Australian GP visits might cost more: Here’s what you need to know

Seeing a doctor in South Australia might soon become a little bit more expensive. Why? This is due to the change in how payroll tax is being applied. Let’s break it down in simple words:

What is happening?

Doctors in South Australia are getting overwhelmed by a new way of calculating payroll tax. This will make it costlier to run their practices.

  • Until now, clinics paid payroll tax on nurses & receptionists.
  • Starting from July 1, 2024, this tax will be imposed on GPs as well.
  • Doctors are now arguing they are not employees. Therefore, they should not be taxed this way…

What does this mean for patients?

Due to this tax, doctors are saying they will charge more fees from patients to cover this EXTRA COST. Unfortunately, this could:

  • End bulk billing

Bulk billing lets patients see a doctor free of charge. However, with the new tax imposed on GPs, doctors might stop bulk billing. Oops…

  • Raise higher fees

Doctors are more likely to charge more fees from patients for each visit.

Impact on patients

Now, patients are more concerned about the potential increase in prices.

  • The majority of people in South Australia used to rely on bulk billing because it keeps healthcare pretty AFFORDABLE.
  • The increase in doctor fees could add an increase to other rising costs such as fuel.
  • Concession card holders who don’t have affluent resources might struggle to afford GP visits.

Doctor’s perspective on it

According to doctors, this new tax burden is unfair. Dr. Daniel Byrnes says this tax will cost his practice $140,000/year. He compares this heavy burden with GST on health – a tax on essential healthcare services.

Government’s response

The South Australian government is confronted with the fact that this is not a new tax. Premier Peter Malinauskas further claims that laws or policies will remain unchanged. According to him, this is a different interpretation of existing regulations.

This is a developing situation. With that in mind, you should stay informed about any potential changes to GP fees in South Australia.