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 How Many Sick Days Are Permitted Without A Medical Certificate In Australia?

In Australia, there is no particular number of sick days that you can take without a sick certificate. Most employers will give you the benefit of the doubt for one or two days, and may only ask for a certificate for three or more days.

Some workplaces allow for two single-day absences annually after which employees can be asked to provide either a certificate or a Statutory Declaration. We recommend looking into your rights by contacting the Fair Work Ombudsman.

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably new to working in Australia and have finally fallen victim to the unpredictable weather, so keep on reading for more information.


What Is An Online Sick Certificate?


An online sick certificate is a medical certificate that you can obtain from a doctor online. Sick certificates are also known as medical certificates and doctor’s certificates.

They’re a convenient option for those unable to visit a doctor in person, or who urgently need a certificate.

To get your certificate, you will have to provide your online partner doctor with some basic information about your illness, such as your symptoms and how long you have been unwell, plus relevant medical history.

The doctor will then assess your information, determine whether you are eligible for a sick certificate and then send it via email. You can print it out or forward it to your employer electronically.


The Benefits of Online Sick Certificates


There are many reasons why a growing number of Australians are opting for these certificates. Here are the top three:

Convenience: You can obtain your certificate from anywhere in Australia and at any time.

Speed: The certificates are typically issued within minutes of your consultation.

Affordability: While some certificates cost the same as in-store, others are sometimes cheaper. In any case, you save transportation costs!


If you’re feeling too lazy to visit the doctor, head over to our website and get your online sick certificate in just 15 minutes! Do remember to also review your contract or your company’s sick leave policy for a fuller picture.